Things that will motivate you to do business in Dubai

May 23, 2019 By admin

Things that will motivate you to do business in Dubai

Every businessperson looks to do business from a place that could benefit it in some way. You can say this about Dubai tax consultants with confidence. It is true that your Dubai business will help attract customers from all over the world. Firstly, if you choose to have your office in a free zone, then your business will get a tax exemption. But, the percentage of VAT varies upon the type of business designated zones to which the supply will be made. It makes sense too as VAT is a tax a chunk of which goes to the company collected. This means that your business will get a share of the tax, which is not the case with other taxes. The ones you end up paying to the government will not let you take anything from it. However, regular taxpayers do get incentives and may enjoy some exemptions in the longer run. These exemptions are still negligible and may not inflict a big difference.

Should you be motivated?

There is every reason to feel motivated when you look to do business from Dubai. So much so you’re your business will end up paying dividends in the longer run. Keep VAT in mind and you will learn why it takes to get yourself a nice well-furnished office and a production plant or a sales team in Dubai. Being in the free zone will save you some taxes, but this means that you will only be doing business in other countries. Still, it should motivate you as you are located in Dubai and customers will flock into buying goods and services from companies that may be located in UAE.

Increased revenue

If you ended up doing business from Dubai, then you will certainly end up earning more profits when compared to business situated in other countries. There are reasons for it, so you should keep those in mind. First of all, your business will help attract a sizeable audience. When that happens, it will help turn some of them into customers. Even if you ended up having some customers each day, you will still end up having many customers eventually. It is likely that these factors will keep you motivated for doing business from Dubai. If anything, you will get a chunk of revenue from the VAT amount your consultant had collected just recently. Look at more info on this and check your business options.