Windows Update: The Tips

windows update tips Windows is perhaps the most popular operating system worldwide, and some people tend to use it even if they didn't pay for it. The thing that these users don't know is the fact that Microsoft eventually finds out if there isn't a genuine version of Windows on your computer, and, afar from the risks that come with illegal activities, you won't receive updates either. You might lose a lot of features in this way, plus security.

The basic updates that you receive within Windows Update software are concerning the security updates and Windows Defender, which keeps you protected. There are many updates that come regularly, due to some recently discovered bugs, and the operating system will work much better because of them. We could actually say that all the features of Windows can also be updated, so you might find one day that the computer looks a bit different, maybe better.

Together with the basic updates, Windows Update also looks for upgrades for your hardware's software. Therefore, if there is a new version compatible with your Bluetooth, webcam, video or any drivers, if you select the option, they will be updated. This actually helps with your computer's performance, because the latest updates are, usually, really helpful.

Some optional updates refer to other software on your computer, such as Microsoft Office, and, by selecting the recommended updates, you minimize the total time to keep your computer up-to-date. Whenever a new feature or improvement is added to a software that you use, you'll get the update notification.

If you think about the network bandwidth or of the computer's performance during the download and the installation, you can choose only the "check for updates" option, and you will install them when you have finished your work on the computer.

An important tip for the Windows Update is hiding those that you don't need. It's simple: right click on the update and click on the hide option. You can restore it to the download suite whenever you want, from the interface.

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