VPN security and VPN connections

VPN security

Many companies today have expanded and opened multiple shops or offices across the country and around the world. In order to run their operations smoothly, the offices need a fast, reliable and secure way to share information across computer networks. Likewise, many large companies having people who travel for work need them to be able to access their internal network/intranet in a secure way from remote locations. One of the safest ways to do that is through a VPN.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a private network system that uses a public network (in most of the cases the Internet) to carry its private, encrypted data. The connection that VPN uses is a virtual one, routed through the Internet from the company's private network and to the remote place of the corresponding branch. In this way, anyone who intercepts the encrypted data VPN uses won't be able to read it.

An employee will have to install the corporate VPN software on the personal computer (or install a hardware appliance), and any time they will need to access any data from company's private network, will access it with the assistance of the VPN connection. They can also surf the web through a virtual tunnel that will keep all the information secure in transit.

A VPN is very helpful when a company has offices all around the globe (works in a distributed model) and permits the employees to work from home or remote sites as well. Any person that has login details can access the VPN server and in turn it will provide access to the resources of the private network to which the virtual connection is made.

Through using of an Internet based VPN connection, a company can get rid of long-distance charges and in the same time take advantage of Internet global availability. The intranet-based VPN connection takes advantage of the IP connectivity within an organization's LAN.

Almost all large companies that have offices around the world use VPN connections because due to safety; any employee not directly connected to the intranet can access the private data through the tunnel created by this virtual connection. The other option being a direct connection that anyone could get access and therefore all the data will be public and will not be secure anymore.

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