Video Recording Software / Screen Recording Software (Windows)

video recording software, screen recording Users might often need help in order to choose the perfect video recording software solution. This article comes to help with the choices. If you create self-made videos, or simply if you want to create videos for your YouTube channel, then all you need at first is a computer and a decent web camera. Sometimes they come bundled with software that allows you to perform video recording an photos. However if you want better quality videos, you might need higher quality tools. Anyway - in this article we refer to video recording products that are much more common and less expensive, and some editing tools to help post-processing the videos you have already created.

Faststone Capture is an extremely easy to use screen capture tool that sits in the tray. It allows capture of full screen, certain windows or a specific screen area, and can remember the last area used between recordings. It also can record audio or not, depending on the needs. You can then export the video in multiple formats. The screen overlay control allows pausing the screen recording and also shows the amount of disk space being used by the recording and the total record time. This is a paid product but quite cheap and it is also one of our favorites.

VideoPad Editor is our favorite video editing software; this can be used in conjunction with a video recording /screen recorder software. It allows editing of videos, multi-channel editing including video and audio, visual effects of all sorts, screen resize; add images, frames, mix shorter videos; furthermore you can export the video in lots of different formats. The drag-and-drop editor makes things very easy, however this product is quite complex but it manages to make things intuitive. You can make high-quality videos using this tool, and also perform transitions and lots of different adjustments and tweaks to the video. It is also not expensive so anyone can afford it.

CamVerce is another example of video screen capture . It allows program launching all needed tools from one window: Edit video, export video, record computer screen, play interactive files and even draw on screen while recording. The software offers a large number of recording options, you can schedule a recording for a specific day or hour. Furthemore, you can add special effects, capture real time video from the computer and many other options. The recordings can be saved in different formats (AVI, EMX, HTML, DOC, PPT, WMV, etc.). The software also allows cutting certain frames from the video, copy or paste frames, add objects, images or text to the video; and then move them to the desired position.

Screencast-O-Matic is a free software that captures screen and webcam video, saving them or posting them online. One of the downsides of this program is that it limits the recording to 15 minutes in the free version; but otherwise it is a great starting point. The software features an unique interface, having a dotted line selection frame that can be dragged, resized and reshaped. The product can save the files in Animated Image (GIF), QuickTime (MP4), Windows Media File (AVI) etc.

Snagit is a user-friendly software that helps you create high-quality audio and video files in real time. It is very easy to use and the quality of the results is undeniable. One of the favorite tools is the option to select any frame from a video and save it as an image file. You can add text to the video using Caption Effect; the videos can be formatted to the users specifications during the capture process.

These are all apparently professional tools, but available for everyone. Once you have chosen yours, the only thing remaining is to start using them. Happy video recording!

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