Does Shift + Delete Give You Trouble? Try Data Recovering Software!

data recovery software Have you ever deleted files or pictures that you shouldn't have or didn't want to, but furthermore after pressing Shift + Delete you also pressed the enter button out of habit? If that is the case, maybe you shouldn't be worried (that much) because there are many recovering software tools that can help you undelete the lost items. Another benefit of using such software is the fact that you can recover files not only from your hard drive, but also your camera SD card, USB, floppy, iPod or Android phone or any other such storage devices as well.

Bellow we offer information about a few options for data recovering software:

Stellar Phoenix is one of the most popular paid data recovery software tool . With this program you do not have to be an IT expert to recover a file from altered partitions and reformatted disks, as the software will guide you through all the options available. After installing the tool, you are presented with three choices: drive recovery, CD/DVD recovery and Photo recovery, and each is explained clearly so users can decide which options is best suitable for them. The tool can recover a few hundreds of file types, and is able to to help you find the lost files including file details and a file preview.

Recuva is one of the best free file recovery software. Recuva is very easy to use, has a friendly interface, it has a small size. Furthermore this software comes in both installable and portable versions, supports a wide range of Windows operating systems and supports drives as large as 3 TB in size. It comes with a wizard that will guide you through the process. You just have to select either C or D drive or both, memory card, USB (and others) and then click the Scan Button and then is just a matter of seconds to recover a file that you thought it was lost forever.

Recover My Files combines the simplicity of use with a powerful file recovery software engine. It allows you to browse results whilst the search is in progress. It supports both FAT and NFTS file systems; also, at the developer site you will find many tips to running file and drive recovery tools.

Almost all paid data recovery software on the market also includes a trial version, that allows users to download and try out the software in order to see how it works and if they're comfortable using it. The disadvantage of a free trial is that some of them, after the scan is finished, will only show you what files it found, which of them you can recuperate, but will not let you save. Most that allow save in trial mode will only offer the option to save a limited number of files, such as 3 files total for example. There are countless other data recovery software tools, but in this article we keep it brief and mentioned just a few options. Feel free to test these tools, and if you have an additional suggestion to add to the list, please let us know!
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