Easy 3D Software: Create 3D by Yourself

3d software A very important question is "Why 3D"?. The logical answer is, we live in a 3D world that we downscale through using 2D media, such as books, TV, pictures. The usage of 3D will increase over time, in many of our daily activities. Even more, we can now create 3D by ourselves at home, using different programs and dedicated software in this line.

If you wonder how you can make a 3D sculpture, then you could likely use ZBrush: a sculpting tool who uses technology that stores color, material, and lighting for all objects on the screen. It is used to create high-resolution models that can be featured in animations, movies or games. ZBrush comes with many features that will help the user in the sculpting of models and meshes, such as 3D Brushes etc.

3D Max is a well-known modeling and animation software that can provide an extensive 3D animation, composition solution, modeling and rendering for movies, games and motion pictures. Recent versions include Shaders, particle systems, normal map, dynamic stimulation and its own scripting language. Some of the most know features are "MAX Script" a built-in scripting language, then "Character Studio", a plug-in that helps the users to create animated virtual characters, plus "Scene Explorer" for Constrained animation and Texture assignment.

Cinema 4D is everything a professional needs for creating high-end 3D. It is used for creating advanced character tools, a physics engine or hair, as it comes with a set of tools that allow you to grow, comb and style. Although it was designed for advanced 3D, it is easy to use for less complex creations thanks to the user-friendly interface, and it is also highly intuitive. Therefore, only by reading a bit about it and watching a few tutorials, you can use it to create a real piece of art.

Mudbox is one of the most popular computer-based 3D sculpting and painting tool, and it was used to produce the remake of King Kong in 2005. It can import and export .obj, .fbx, .bio files and its own .mud format. The interface includes tabbed windows, menus and tool trays and it can also be customized. With Mudbox, you benefit from many features, including such as painting directly onto 3D models, advanced tools, interactive control and display and smoother integration.

All you have to do to become a 3D artist is to use dedicated software and just let the artistic sense run wild, and maybe you will be the creator of the next Avatar movie. 3D software tools are always here to help and to discover the professional 3D artist in you.

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