What Are the Types of Psychologists?

May 30, 2019 By admin

What Are the Types of Psychologists?

If you don’t know already, study of the human brain and its functions and responses is one of the primary subjects of psychology. A psychology student learns about the process of a human brain, its response to the different events that can be personal, professional or social in nature. For this reason, a psychologist is considered as a mental health professional who diagnose and treat different types of mental issues.

If truth be told, scope of psychology is very vast. This is why it is further divided into a number of branches such as child psychology, criminal psychology, counseling psychology, clinical psychology and so on. As there are so many branches of psychology, there are many different types of psychologist in Dubai that you can choose from for the best treatment of your mental issue. Following are a few most popular types of psychologists that you will find in the market:


The fact of the matter is that the neuropsychologists are considered the most important types of psychologists that you can find in your area. These mental health experts provide effective mental health treatments to patients who suffer from traumas, dementia, strokes and unusual behavior or growth of a patient’s brain. Patients who suffer from any of the above mentioned mental health issues can find and effective treatment to start a normal life by visiting a neuropsychologist.

School psychologists

Believe it or not, school going children suffer from a number of mental health issues can are diagnosed and treated by school psychologists. School psychologists are also considered the best professionals that a school can hire to motivate its students through effective sessions that they offer.

Clinical psychologists

These mental health professionals offer a wide range of mental health treatments to patients who need professional help to solve their mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, phobias, fears and many other mental health disorders. Clinical psychologists also offer hypnotherapy in Dubai to help their clients achieve their goals successfully.

Criminal psychologists

Criminal psychology is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. This is the reason why there is a phenomenal rise in the number of criminal psychologists in the market. These mental health professionals help law makers and law enforcement agencies by offering their professional services to fight against crime by understanding the behavior and psychology of a criminal.