The Purpose of a Strong Room

June 27, 2019 By admin

The Purpose of a Strong Room

For those who don’t know, a strong room is a place built to keep items safe and is typically found in banks. The basic purpose behind the construction of a strong room is to give the owners the ability to keep their valuable items safe and sound. This can include things like money, valuable records, and documents. It is a room that is fireproof and burglar proof. It is built in banks to keep the valuable belongings of the public safe and sound. If you wish to know more about strong rooms learn here.

History of Strong Rooms

As I have told you before strong rooms are usually present in banks, and therefore are also called Bank Vault. They are like safes but stronger and safer. Historically strong rooms were built in the basement of the banks and their ceilings were vaulted. This is why they came to be known as bank vaults. As technology evolved the structure of strong rooms also developed and also became much more modernized.

Structure of Strong Rooms

  •    Floor:

The floor of a strong room is 15 cm or 6 inches thick. The floor is also heavily reinforced over the cement concrete floor already built before.

  •    Ceiling:

The ceiling of the strong room is 30 cm or 12 inches thick. The ceiling is also mortified by MS grills which consist of 20 mm rods spaced 75 mm in an angle iron framework.

If in any case, it is not possible to maintain the given thickness of the ceiling then it is also necessary to reduce the thickness of the floor too.

Uses of a Strong Room

A strong room is constructed to keep valuables secure. These can be of any form. Some people prefer to have their private strong room so they built them in their own house. The basic purpose of a strong room is to protect the items kept inside from theft, fire, and natural disasters, etc. You might be wondering, what is the need for a strong room when there are safes available. The thing is safes might be easy to handle and cheap in size but they are small in size and a room may be more convenient for some. Other than that safes can be opened by one to two drills and are less strong than the strong room itself.