Catering ideas for every event

March 3, 2020 By admin

Catering ideas for every event

Don’t know about you, but we are certainly very tired of the traditional style of catering UAE which refers to having a buffet and guests self serving. We are not here to point out what is wrong with buffets but we do want you to know that the world is trendy quickly and the quicker you change your catering style the better you will be known. But what else can we do instead of a buffet catering? Here are a few ideas to try out:

  • Bento boxes

The word bento refers to a Japanese style of serving food in a box which has different compartments for different foods. If you don’t have a Japanese cuisine then no problem as you can still serve your prepared dish to guests in a box which will make sure that the guests are self serving as well as enjoying their boxes.

  • Custom salad bar

One thing which people love the most is having the freedom to pick out their own ingredients for the salad. Why not make everyone happy and let them choose what they like. Set up a custom salad bar and the highlight of the event will surely be something which everyone will appreciate.

  • Chef at the location

If you can afford a local chef at the venue where he prepares some basic sauce or dressings for a dish right in front of the audience then it will double the fun of catering. People don’t only get to watch the mesmerizing splash of spices cooked in front of them but they also get to interact with the chef while he’s at work at his best.

  • Farm to table approach

This idea is getting very popular these days amongst caterers who offer such seasonal dishes which are made from ingredients right off the farm. This kind of food is considered healthier and environmentally friendly as people are aware where the ingredients are coming from which gives them the sense of calmness.

  • Food trucks

This is something which every single person will be able to enjoy at an event. You could get a food truck and guests can choose whichever food item they love the most. Everyone will be happy to attend a boring corporate event which will finally have something to cherish about.

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